Verex Filter Vials for Filtration and Analysis

Sample Prep Simplified – Push to Filter, Ready to Inject!

Verex Filter Vials are designed to provide simple and rapid sample preparation by incorporating a syringe, filtration membrane, vial, and cap/septa all into one product. Each filter vial is comprised of two parts: the external vial and internal plunger with an integrated filter and cap with a pre-slit PTFE/Silicone septa. Simply, dispense your sample into the external vial and compress the internal plunger to filter. This produces a particulate-free sample ready for analysis. Verex Filter Vials are a standard 12 x 32 mm vial and can be easily loaded into the autosampler.


  • All-in-one sample prep solution
    Combines sample storage, transfer, and filtration
  • Identifiable colored caps
    Easily find the correct membrane and pore size
  • Low dead-volume
    Higher sample recovery and increased sensitivity


Syringe Filter and Vial Technology Combined

Filter Vial Information

Verex Filter Vials eliminates the need for separate syringes, syringe filters, vials, and caps/septum. By managing less products, these filter vials help streamline the sample preparation workflow and reduce lab waste. Potential sample loss and contamination are also reduced as multiple transfers are removed with this all-in-one filtration device.

Verex Filter Vials Offer:

Filter Membrane Options

#Phenomenex developed Verex Filter Vials with diverse color-coded caps for easy identification of the correct membrane and pore size for the various samples that undergo filtration. Five different membrane types (regenerated cellulose, polytetrafluoroethylene, nylon, polyethersulfone, and polyvinylidene fluoride) and two pore sizes (0.2 μm and 0.45 μm) are available for diverse and unique samples.

See the Ease of Use Firsthand

An easy two-step sample preparation device

Brochure: A full overview and comprehensive collection of applications: particulate removal from 23 PCBs, tablet and cream formulations, mAbs fragments, and separation of chiral atorvastatin. 
Verex Filter Vials FAQs: Learn the answers to commonly asked questions about Verex Filter Vials. 
Technical Notes: In this application, multivitamin standards were prepared and filtered using Verex Filter Vials. Samples were run by HPLC-UV to determine if there was a loss of sample or unwanted extractables when using the Verex Filter Vials.

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