While 624plus is an EPA method that was popular in environmental laboratories to analyze volatile organic compounds, our ZB-624 phase was immensely popular in pharmaceutical industry. This column was first developed and commercialized in 1997 to quantitate residual solvents in drug substance and drug product. With evolution in surface deactivation and polymer crosslinking, Phenomenex R&D has added to our Zebron™ PLUS line columns by innovating our new ZB-624PLUS™.

column as the next generation of inertness.

The key benefits of ZB-624PLUS includes:

This phase is an excellent solution to modern pharmaceutical residual solvent analysis. The superior deactivation provides inertness necessary to maintain peak symmetry for active analytes like volatile amines.

In environmental analysis, it offers low bleed and high deactivation to tackle challenging environmental sample matrices, including river and ground water samples. MS-certification ensures low bleed and provides consistent quantitation of volatile analytes in water.

ZB-624PLUS revolutionizes cannabis GC analysis. Traditionally, people go for a conventional 624 for residual solvent analysis in cannabis, while they must change to a low polar phase for terpenes. With the 624 selectivity and extended temperature limits of 300/320OC on ZB-624PLUS, we can run these 2 analyses on a single column without the necessity to change it.

Another exciting industry where ZB-624PLUS is extremely useful is in specialty chemicals to monitor solvent purity.

We are proud to introduce our new ZB-624PLUS column – the next generation of inertness to our PLUS line of GC columns. Let me introduce you to the group who made it all possible. The Phenomenex Gas Chromatography R&D and production team has on average 25+ years of GC experience, and many in the group spent years creating keystone phases at J&W Scientific prior to joining the Phenomenex team. This expertise means Zebron products are designed to work out-of-the-box and headache-free. We guarantee it!

Zebron GC columns are engineered by expert Phenomenex GC scientists to better support our Gas Chromatography consumers. Our inventive philosophy and expertise in GC column manufacturing has resulted in 3 R&D 100 Awards, an honor that no other GC manufacturer has received. We will continue to innovate and provide industry specific Gas Chromatographic solutions to make your analyses faster, efficient, simpler and better than before.