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Phenomenex ...breaking the tradition

Phenomenex is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for chromatographic techniques

Luna - Gemini - Synergi - Jupiter
Zebron - Strata

Mycotoxins Solution: Star™ Immunoaffinity Columns
Star™ Immunoaffinity Columns
 Multisep® Columns
Multisep® Columns
Alltech - Your Specialist in Chromatography

Single-Source Solution for Discovery to Recovery Applications

La-Pha-Pack: Your Partner for Reliable Closure Technique in Laboratories

Vials - Micro-vials -Micro-inserts
Septa - Seals - Stoppers


100 years of MACHEREY-NAGEL

Alltech® 3300 ELSD

Leader in Evaporative Light Scattering Detection

Reveleris® Flash System

Reveleris® Flash System
Detect More. Collect Smarter. Purify faster.

New products

http://www.phamnguyen.com.vn/?id_pnewsv=333&lg=eg&start=0MaxSignal® Trifluralin ELISA Test Kit

High sensitivity (0.25 ng/g or ppb)

http://www.romerlabs.com/pdts_columns.htmlStar™ Immunoaffinity Columns

www.condalab.comConda Media

http://www.romerlabs.com/pdts_kits.html#AGRAQUANTMelamine ELISA Test Kit

AgraQuant® Melamine ELISA Test Kit
New Technology

www.alltechweb.comAlltech / Grace

http://www.mallchem.com/distsite/lab.wmvMallinckrodt Baker ... Generations of Goods Chemistry

http://www.biooscientific.com/about_us.htmBioo - Bioo Scientific

TABP-Taiwan Advanced Bio-Pharm Inc

Phenomenex ...breaking the tradition

Macherey-Nagel: Chromatography HPLC/GC


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Best Value
TABP Food Safety ELISA Test Kit
EZ:faast™ amino acid analysis kits
Histamine Enzymatic Assay Test Kit
Best Seller
Gemini pH-LC
JT Baker- High Purity Slovents
Chloramphenicol ELISA Test Kit
Luna C18 (2)
MG/LMG MaxSignal™ ELISA Test Kit
CONDA - Culture media
Vials for Autosamplers
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