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Kieselguhr phase for liquid-liquid extraction


Base material coarse-grained kieselguhr (also known as diatomaceous earth, hydromatrix, celite)
large pore size, high pore volume, constantly high batch-to-batch quality
pH working range 1–13
liquid-liquid extraction of highly viscous aqueous solutions such as physiological fluids (blood, plasma, and serum) in clinical chemistry, dyes in textiles, environmental and food analysis without use of a separation funnel
high water loadability without breakthrough of water during elution with organic solvents
also suited for removing small amounts of water from solvents which are not miscible with water
fast, reproducible and economical
simultaneous preparation of several samples
no problems with phase separation ∙ no formation of emulsions
high recovery rates
saving of time and solvents
organic solutions need not to be dried after separation

General column parameters   Solvents applicable for elution
CHROMABOND® XTR max. volume capacity of aq. solution waiting period before elution elution volume diethyl ether
tert-butyl methyl ether
ethyl acetate
dichloromethane (methylene chloride)
trichloromethane (chloroform)
solvent mixtures:
trichloromethane – methanol (90:10, v/v)
trichloromethane – methanol (85:15, v/v)
diethyl ether – ethanol (90:10, v/v)
diethyl ether – ethanol (80:20, v/v)
dichloromethane – 2-propanol (90:10, v/v)
dichloromethane – 2-propanol (85:15, v/v)
volume amount
of adsorbent
1 mL 250 mg 0.25 mL 5 min 3 mL
3 mL 500 mg 0.5 mL 5 min 6 mL
6 mL 1 g 1 mL 5–10 min 8 mL
15 mL 3 g 3 mL 5–10 min 12 mL
30 mL 4.5 g 5 mL 5–10 min 16 mL
45 mL 8.3 g 10 mL 10–15 min 24 mL
70 mL 14.5 g 20 mL 10–15 min 40 mL
150 mL 37.5 g 50 mL 10–15 min 90 mL

Depending on the concentration of the analytes eluates can be analysed immediately, or the organic solvent is evaporated. The pH value of the aqueous solution can be altered on the column, which enables elution of different compounds of a sample under optimised conditions. Under certain circumstances, acidic, neutral, and basic compounds can be fractionated in this way.
Eluents with too high alcohol contents cause an increase in volume of the aqueous phase on the CHROMABOND® XTR. Here the column could be overloaded and the aqueous phase displaced from the column. In this case, a greater capacity column should be used.

Ordering information
  column volume 1 mL 3 mL 6 mL 15 mL 30 mL 45 mL 70 mL 150 mL
  adsorbent weight 250 mg 500 mg 1 g 3 g 4.5 g 8.3 g 14.5 g 37.5 g
  pack of 100 50 30 30 30 30 30 10
  CHROMABOND® XTR polypropylene columns
  730501 730502 730487 730489 730505 730506 730507 730509
CHROMABOND® XTR polypropylene columns · BigPacks
(pack of 250)
(pack of 100)
96er plates 96 x 150 mg, packs of 1 plate, for max. 96 x 0.2 mL aqueous solution
  CHROMABOND® XTR adsorbent
  50 bags of 14.5 g
(for max. 20 mL
aqueous solution each)
for 70 mL PP columns
with 100 PE filter elements
  for NT20 with 50 PE filter elements
(dia. 10 mm)
    500 g   730595.500 *
    1 kg   730595.1000 *
    5 kg   730595.5000 *
  Accessories for liquid-liquid extraction with CHROMABOND® XTR
  variable polypropylene rack for 24 positions, incl. 24 PP stopcocks and 24 PP needles 730508
Glass columns on request
Alltech® 3300 ELSD

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Flash Chromatography

Reveleris® Flash System
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