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JT Baker ... Right from the Start
JT Baker ... Right from the Start
JT Baker  ... thương hiệu Mỹ đích thực
Dung môi sắc ký siêu tinh khiết, dùng cho HPLC (gradient và Ultra MS/MS)

High Purity Solvents
Mallinckrodt Baker’s mission is to manufacture innovative chemicals that enable today’s instruments to achieve optimum results. Our solvents and solvent blends represent years of research and manufacturing excellence designed to do just that.

Mallinckrodt Baker’s reputation for high-purity acids is based on years of quality, consistency, and innovation. We introduced the purest acids in the world when we launched the ULTREX product line in the 1970’s. Today, the ULTREX II product line represents the best purity available. Combined with the rest of our offerings, these products are part of the broadest acid portfolio available from a basic manufacturer of acids.

Combining the salts we manufacture with the water we purify allows us to offer you a ready-to-use “solution”. We offer two distinct portfolios—one targeted at the analytical market and one designed to meet the needs of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Salts, minerals and sugars
Salts, minerals, and sugars represent the broadest product area for Mallinckrodt Baker. The J.T.Baker brand was founded over one hundred years ago to produce high-purity salts, and today we manufacture these products in our plants around the world. Our initial offering focused on analytical reagents, but today our portfolio includes products for a wide range of applications, including biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing.


Hóa chất Tinh khiết
Macron™: Expand Your Capabilities
Macron là tên mới của Mallinckrodt nhà sản xuất hóa chất tinh khiết và nguyên liệu Dược cao cấp kinh nghiệm trên 150 năm
Hoá chất siêu tinh khiết cho công nghệ điện tử

Hoá chất siêu tinh khiết cho công nghệ điện tử

Sản phẩm mới

MaxSignal® Ethoxyquin ELISA Test Kit

Độ nhạy cao: 0.1 ppb/ thủy sản. Phân tích chọn lọc Ethoxyquin trong mẫu thủy sản (Cá) LOD: 1 ppb® Trifluralin ELISA Test Kit

High sensitivity 0.25ppb/ thủy sản. Phân tích chọn lọc Trifluralin trong mẫu thủy sản (Cá) Môi trường vi sinh ELISA Kit

AgraQuant® Melamine ELISA Test Kit
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