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MaxSignal® Trifluralin ELISA Test Kit

Kit ELISA phân tích Trifluralin
High sensitivity (0.25 ng/g or ppb)

MaxSignal® Trifluralin ELISA Test Kit is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of Trifluralin in fish and meat.  Trifluralin, a member of the dinitro analin family, is a selective, preemergence dinitroaniline herbicide used to control many annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in a large variety of tree fruit, nut, vegetable, and grain crops.  However, trifluralin can persist in soils for many months after it is used and is highly toxic to aquatic animals (fish and invertebrates).  Sediment-feeding organisms are particularly at risk because of the tendency of trifluralin to bioaccumulate. Studies also suggest exposure-related abnormalities in the vertebral development of aquatic animals, at low concentrations.

MaxSignal® Trifluralin ELISA Test Kit enables international and government regulatory agencies, food manufacturers and processors, as well as quality assurance organizations, to detect trifluralin in fish and meat and to satisfy customer’s concerns about food safety. The unique features of the kit are:

  • High recovery (>75%), rapid (10 - 40 minutes), and cost-effective extraction methods  
  • High sensitivity (0.25 ng/g or ppb)
  • Quick ELISA assay (less than 2 hours regardless of the number of samples)
  • High reproducibility


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