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MaxSignal® Crystal Violet/LCV ELISA Test Kit

MaxSignal® Crystal Violet/LCV ELISA Test Kit

• Sensitive Crystal Violet detection – 0.1 ng/g or ppb
• High recovery (80 - 95%), cost-effective extraction methods for fish/shrimp or water samples
• Saves money - No expensive instrumentation required
• Easy, high recovery sample preparation
• 96-well high throughput quantitative detection method
• Prepared samples can be directly used for liquid chromatography confirmation

MaxSignal® Crystal Violet/LCV ELISA Test Kit (patent-pending) is designed for routine screening for Crystal Violet/Leucocrystal Violet in fish, shrimp, fish/shrimp feed, fish oil and water samples of fish farms or fishponds. Crystal Violet has been widely used all over the world in the fish farming industry as a fungicide, ectoparasiticide and disinfectant. However, it has been shown recently that Crystal Violet is highly cytotoxic to mammalian cells and has been implicated in the induction of thyroid and liver tumors. This has led to a prohibition of Crystal Violet for the treatment of fish and shrimp used for food production.

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MaxSignal® Ethoxyquin ELISA Test Kit

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Alltech-Grace Baker ... Generations of Goods Chemistry

Mallinckrodt Baker ... Generations of Goods Chemistry - Bioo Scientific Advanced Bio-Pharm Inc

TABP-Taiwan Advanced Bio-Pharm Inc ...breaking the tradition


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